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Voyage to Self-Discovery, A Two Day Tarot Workshop

August 13, 9:00-4:00 August 14, 12:00-4:00

Introducing a two-day workshop, using the Tarot. We will be exploring the cards for the purpose of self-discovery. This workshop promises to be a tool for major growth and insight for anyone who wants more intimate knowledge of themselves and how they can grow more effectively. In this two-day workshop you will:

learn to divine more clearly if you are on the appropriate path
better understand and assimilate experiences use the Tarot in self-exploration
understand how we look at ourselves and how we behave
learn and understand the motives and actions of others
learn about yourself in relation to the other

We will be learning to apply the insight you gain in all areas of your life. We will explore:

the meanings of the archetypes
learn about categorical thinking
learn about ritual and divination
learn about numerology and how to interpret different numbers
learn about what happens when we think elementally
explore your ethics and your values.

This workshop will be presented by:Carolyn Tucker LPC and Daniel Gellasch

Carolyn is a psychotherapist with an emphasis in the areas of trauma and anxiety. She utilizes an eclectic approach incorporating the spiritual and the mystical as well as traditional psychotherapeutic tools. For more information please see her website at www.carolyntuckertherapist.com

Daniel is a Tarot expert and Esoteric Advisor. He utilizes mystical symbols and tools to help people understand and take control of their lives and relationships. Find out more at www.EchelonConsulting.com

The location in Atlanta will be announced closer to date of workshop

Contact: Carolyn Tucker at 770-789-0847 for questions or to RSVP

Cost: $295.00. If you bring a friend the cost to each of you is 250.00.

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